Konnect Kredit

Konnect Kredit is a friendly approach of paying for products on Konnect.one or to add cash amount into your wallet.

Konnect Kredit is powered by Reputable Financial Services and it’s a collateral free lifestyle product and comes with the lowest interest rate available in the financial market as well as ease of process, giving you access to as much as ₦3 Million within 48 hours.

It is affordable and repayment is spread over a period of 8 months such that your cash is freed up for other purposes.

Life Made Easy with Konnect.one!

Application Requirements

  1. 1. Be in a paid employment
  2. 2. Be between 21 and 58 years
  3. 3. Have a salary account
  4. 4. Have a pension account or tax ID
  5. 5. Have a valid Proof of Identification
  6. 6. Have a recent utility bill

Loan Calculator

Monthly Payment: ₦ 0.00

 Please note that this is just a rough estimate and not the actual monthly repayment.

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